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Found some old drawings from when I was little and I remember particularly well saber-toothed tiger , which I draw in 2 class 1988 the year I was 8 years, I wished so much that they were not extinct. I thought they were so gorgeous and dreamed every night of the year that some one would find out that they still existed and that they could be rescued:)

Born . 1980 in Stavanger lived there until I was about 8 years , lived most of my childhood in Kristiansand has also lived a year on a Island named Hidra.
Moved in 1999 to Kvinesdal and thrive very well there on our little farm with my wonderful Family. Now I live and work in beautiful  Farsund.
Since I was a child I have always been fascinated by animals and the conservation of threatened animal extinction research.

I drew a lot when I was little and also liked to paint. When I was a little older, I decided to become a painter and went to school, technicallybuilding trades and VK1 paintline.At this time,drawing and painting pictures was given low priority.
Only several years later I took it up again the inspiration came from my then-current boss and work colleagues, that i worked whit for 2,5 years. There was not much time to drawing and painting but the glow was back. After 2.5 years in the work of my current boss I had a hard fall and couldt work as a painter any more, so my current boss sugested that i should submit an application to art school , so I did and I was accepted.

So I went 2 years at the art education at the Nydalen Art School . Inspirationis at its peak and I have several works in progress:) I have also worked as adecorative painter graining, marbling, glazing, gold gilding and more.I lovet this way of working and doing this in between when I get time.

My passionis and has always been animals .My work is all aboute radicatingtion threatened species ,species that are extinct but also about the injustice being committed against animals and humans, and not least the preservation of our planet. Maybe I`m kind of an hippie, that lives for hope, peace and love but I don't care for there is nothing wrong about hoping for peace and love in this world ;)  

As a member of the WWF (World Wide Fund of Nature) I would encourage everyone to take some time to visit their website http://www.wwf.no  thank you in advance:)

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ellen helene skaar | Svar 10.11.2011 08.45

Flott hjemmeside Linda

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24.05 | 13:56

Super side linda. klem fra mamma

03.05 | 11:31

Hei, jeg liker din kunst, ditt initiativ og mangfoldighet!

31.12 | 11:19

heilt topp linda ,de to hovedoppgavene dine er helt supre. du tør der andre ikke ønsker å innvolvere seg og det er en stor styrke hos deg deg som kunstner.

31.12 | 10:51

dette er veldig bra linda. du har så utrolig mye variert og syns det er flott at du tar vare på de gamle maleteknikkene!

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